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Parade College Student Fund Raising for 2018

Parade College Student Fund Raising for 2018

Dear Laura and All, Today I had a most inspiring and amazing day. Brother Bill Wilding cfc and I attended the Edmund Rice Parade College in B...
My Volunteer Story: Martin Rubino; credit cmmb site

My Volunteer Story: Martin Rubino; credit cmmb site

June 11, 2018 • Martin Rubino • South Sudan   Martin Rubino is one of our international volunteers and an Aurora Fellow from Enfield, Conne...

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South Sudan

Despite South Sudan’s political power struggle with fighting and population displacement, Western Equatoria remains relatively peaceful and secure. The Italian Comboni Order has worked in South Sudan for 50 years facilitating development of community health care, education and community support groups.

Edmund Rice Foundation Australia’s (ERFA) financial support for training and infrastructure development at the Comboni managed Nzara Hospital has assisted healthcare of the STAR and Rainbow HIV/Aids communities and general population. With the transfer to the Tombura Yambio Diocese of the supply and distribution of medications for members of Star Support Group, who are living with HIV/AIDS, the Nzara Hospital, which is managed by the Comboni Sisters Order, has become the main location for the provision of medical services. Hence, in 2012 the Foundation began to provide assistance to Nzara Hospital. The hospital provides general, maternal, child and infant medical care. It specializes in TB, HIV/AIDS and Leprosy treatment. Major illnesses are malaria, gastrointestinal disorders and complications arising from TB and HIV/AIDS. Nzara has an Antiretroviral Therapies (ART) Clinic and Medical Ward.

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